Community Alliance for Renewal, Inner South Manchester Area

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• Everything we do has to benefit young people
• Set up by the community, for the community, serving the interests of the community, accountable to the community.
• No need to re-invent the wheel. Where there is an existing resource, link people to that.
• All people, including young people, are valuable and should be valued for who they are, not for what they do or have or what they wear.
• The goals young people aspire to (e.g. the things they believe they must have, that they are angry they do not have, that they may be prepared to resort to illegal means to get) should not be accepted uncritically as good or worthwhile.


• To link together existing groups and initiatives in the community working with young people and families to provide a united voice to Government, the Council, Media, Funders and Stakeholders alike.
• To link existing provision with individual young people and families.
• To ensure the creation of and full access to life chances for young people and their families within the community.
• Starting from the community, from individual people and households, discovering needs and helping people to access the provision that already exists.
• Help young people to realise their potential, to think of their futures, to begin dreaming and hoping again, to have the self-esteem to want to invest in their own lives and to contribute to their communities.


• To link community groups together by drawing in people with specialist skills, knowledge and experience as required to further the aims/objectives and activities of the groups.
• To bring together young people and community groups on HEALTH, EDUCATION, CRIME and EMPLOYMENT issues which will benefit young people and their families.
• To initiate, encourage and oversee initiatives and strategies growing out of local perspectives addressing young people and their community needs and inequalities again linking community groups to speak with one acknowledged voice.
• To set up any formal organisation or memberships and procedures etc. on behalf of community groups as a forum as and when necessary to further its aims and activities.
• To speak on behalf of young people and their community groups, from a grass roots level, on relevant community issues, promoting a positive image, with an acknowledged representative voice.
• Dissemination of positive information regarding or affecting young people in our community which will aid in the uplifting and coming together of our community.
• Dissemination of information to the wider community inner South Manchester in order that groups are aware of each other’s issues, meetings and concerns.
• To encourage young people to actively take up positive roles within the community.