Community Alliance for Renewal, Inner South Manchester Area

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The PeaceWeek CD

Very limited copies available. £5

Every year from 2003 to 2012 CARISMA organised a week of events to express the people’s desire for Peace in Moss Side, Longsight and surrounding areas. Not just the absence of violence but the building of communities of security and justice for all, where young people have the chance to fulfill their God-given potential.

PeaceWeek was not about a few people doing everything (while everyone else watched!) - but about everyone, doing something. Organisations, voluntary groups, businesses, faith-groups... but most of all, PEOPLE - your ideas, talents, enthusiasm and help brought together to show what a great area this is and generate some good news in the community.This resulted in events such as the Family Lantern Parade and OSBA AwardsTo find out more about these and some of the other things we got up to in PeaceWeek, visit the OSBA website, or download the 2012 PeaceWeek newspaper.

In 2012, with the decline in gun-crime (which we hope PeaceWeek, along with the hard work of others, contributed to) we decided to put PeaceWeek on hold. In 2013 we held a Peace Seminar to share some of the lessons and expertise gained. We also produced a Peace Tool-Kit.

But if in the future the community feels there is a need to generate some more good news, and there are people willing to get stuck in to make it happen, PeaceWeek is there as a proven model.




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Peace Tool-Kit


Available from the Carisma Office. Email for info.