Community Alliance for Renewal, Inner South Manchester Area

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Community Radio stations are not-for-profit broadcasters owned and run by local people, mostly volunteers. They enable communities to use the radio as an outlet for cultural and creative expression and give a voice to views and opinions. They create new opportunities for employment, learning, social cohesion and inclusion.

PeaceFM began as a series of three 4-week broadcasts around and during PeaceWeek in recent years. Judging by the feedback forms, text messages, emails and phone-ins, these were very popular with local listeners. It gave a voice to the views and feelings of local people through talk, debate, interview and phone-in programes (which attracted, amongst others, Tony Blair, Hazel Blears, Rio Ferdinand, local MP Tony Lloyd and Police and Council officers). And it played some great music!

Many people asked for more, and in 2008 an application to OFCOM for a 5 year licence for PeaceFM, paid for by Carisma, was successful. Through Carisma funds were raised to set up and equip a studio and rent premises and Peace Full Media Ltd. was set up to run PeaceFM. In August 2009, PeaceFM took to the airwaves on 90.1. Find out more on the PeaceFM website.

A strong element of PeaceFM is educational and, funding permitting, a second studio will be built, partly for programme preparation, but mostly for training and hands-on experience for young people in broadcasting, and all aspects of programme making. This will encourage self-expression, organising of thoughts, and presentation skills, all in a context that will be interesting and motivating. There will also be training for the technical skills of broadcasting and programme creation, such as sound recording and editing using professional-level equipment. Existing positive links with local schools and colleges, built up by Carisma over the years through activities such as PeaceWeek, will be used as a means of making this facility available as a 'life-chance' to young people.

How can you get involved?

A 'Community Forum' group for PeaceFM meets every 6-8 weeks. This is a group of people who help to move PeaceFM forward. All their creative, positive ideas and suggestions are fed back into the Peace Full Media Working Group who will then implement any positive practical suggestions and ideas. If you wish to join this group, or if you are interested in broadcasting and presenting, or If you wish to advertise on PeaceFM or sponsor PeaceFM details of how to get in contact are here.

Who are Peace Full Media Ltd?
PeaceFM, is managed by Peace Full Media Limited. The Board of Directors are all local people.

In December 2012, having created the legacy of PeaceFM for the community, Carisma's Trustees decided to leave the business to those who are now running it as they had clearly expressed a wish for no further input from Carisma.