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We are grateful to the following organisations and companies for sponsoring the 2010 Awards.

University of Salford: Community Cohesion/Diversity Award

The University of Salford is an integral part of the local community. With 20,000 students and nearly 2,500 staff, we try to make a positive contribution to Salford, its citizens and the wider region, in a variety of ways. These range from volunteering projects working in local communities to senior members of staff contributing to decision making bodies that affect the lives of local citizens. We engage with a wide range of people and organisations in Greater Manchester, as well as regionally, nationally and internationally. These include schools, government and special interest groups. Website.

The Greater Manchester High Sheriff's Police Trust: Young Person's Award

The Charity supports a variety of projects taking place throughout Greater Manchester that directly relate to reducing crime and enhancing community safety.  The majority of our more recently funded projects relate to schemes involving young people and keeping them occupied by providing youth facilities, or activities etc.  The Trust have also supported the establishment of the Reclaim project, and the extension of this scheme to Bolton. Further information can be found on our website.

Bennett Homes: Positive Role model Award

We are a small supported housing project base in the Gorton area of Greater Manchester. We provide twenty-four hour support and accommodation for young persons aged 16-24 . Our project is used by many authorities within Greater Manchester. We aim to provide our tenants with the necessary independent living skills enabling them to live independently when they leave Oaklea House.

Support 4 Progress: Turn Around Award

From beginnings as a self-help service consisting of local black parents coming together to talk about their concerns regarding the breakdown of the family unit, work unit, school and their community, Support 4 Progress has evolved into a Counselling Approved Training Centre providing professional counselling and quality training opportunities. We provide courses for young people aged 13-16, developing skills such as Empathy, Honesty, Communication and Listening Skills. Support 4 Progress believe that by understanding and supporting the cultural needs of the community, we can help to enhance emotional well-being and promote community cohesion.

Manchester City Council Crime and Disorder Team: Peace Activist Award

The Crime and Disorder Team is a multi-agency team based in the Town Hall, including members from Manchester City Council, National Probation Service and Greater Manchester Police. We work together to support the work of the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership. Together the agencies in the Partnership work with one overriding objective; to make Manchester a safer place to live, work and enjoy. We strive to do this by providing practical advice to help people reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime. On the Partnership website Making Manchester Safer we have advice on how you can prevent crime, including burglary, robbery and vehicle crime and information on what is happening in your area to prevent crime.

Greater Manchester Police: Manchester Peace Award