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The 2009 OSBAs Dinner and Presentation was on Saturday, March 14th at the City of Manchester Stadium. Photos here. Congratulations to all the winners below. Read the Manchester Evening News article.

  • Community Cohesion/Diversity Award: Individual or group who have been instrumental in bringing together diverse groups in the community for positive change.
    Winner: The nXt Generation Youth Org (T.X.G.). Also nominated: Tahira Khan-Sindhu, Joe Malaika.
  • Young Person’s Award: Young person (aged 11-18) who has made an outstanding contribution to their school or community.
    Winner: Kemoy Barlow-Walker. Also nominated: Adam Bhana, Karen Nurse.
  • Positive Role model Award: Person who has had most positive affect on young people through their lives.
    Winner: June Kelly. Also nominated: Terrell Freeman, Lee Adams.
  • Turn Around Award: Individual who has made greatest turnaround in attitude/behaviour to benefit his/her community.
    Winner: Daine Willis. Also nominated: Chantelle Partington, Desire Kinane.
  • Peace Activist Award: Person or group who have made a difference through campaigning for peace and justice.
    Winner: Anthony Weekes. Also nominated: Joe Malaika.
  • Manchester Peace Award: Individual who has made the most outstanding contribution to their community.
    Winner: Rev Clive Whittle. Also nominated: Henry Ngawoofah.
  • CARISMA also made a special award which went to Chief Insp. Dave Keller in recognition of his 'exemplary, outstanding social behaviour and attitude to the service of the community' during his time in charge of GMP's 'B' Division.