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Introduced as a feature event of PeaceWeek in 2008 as Manchester Peace Awards, the Outstanding Social Behaviour Awards or OSBAs as they quickly came to be known (the name is a deliberate play on ‘ASBO’), caught the imagination of the local communities and the wider city and media.

The award ceremonies are opened by the Lord Mayor and awards have been presented by, among others, Members of Parliament and senior officers of the Council and Greater Manchester Police.

There are currently 6 awards for which people can be nominated:
  • Community Cohesion/Diversity Award: Individual or group who have been instrumental in bringing together diverse groups in the community for positive change.
  • Young Person’s Award: Young person (aged 11-18) who has made an outstanding contribution to their school or community.
  • Positive Role model Award: Person who has had most positive affect on young people through their lives.
  • Turn Around Award: Individual who has made greatest turnaround in attitude/behaviour to benefit his/her community.
  • Peace Activist Award: Person or group who have made a difference through campaigning for peace and justice.
  • Manchester Peace Award: Individual who has made the most outstanding contribution to their community.

Many value the opportunity to be there to meet and honour the award nominees and winners, local people receiving recognition for their positive and often unseen work in the community. It is also a chance for businesses in the city to express their support of local communities by sponsoring awards and being present at the ceremony and dinner.

It is our hope in Carisma to build relationships with business and commerce in Manchester as a means of encouraging further support of our young people through provision of employment and training opportunities.