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The 2011 OSBAs Dinner and Presentation were held on Saturday, March 12th, 2011 at the Place Hotel, Piccadilly, hosted by Terry Christian, as the culmination of PeaceWeek 2011 (March 5-12). Photos.

Manchester Evening News article and editorial.

Thanks to our OSBA judges for this year, Debra Green from Redeeming our Communities,
and Matt O'Donaghue from Granada TV.

Congratulations to all the winners below.
  • Community Cohesion/Diversity Award: Individual or group who have been instrumental in bringing together diverse groups in the community for positive change.
    Winner: Wendy Simms. Runner-up: Michael Barnes.
  • Young Person’s Award: Young person (aged 11-18) who has made an outstanding contribution to their school or community.
    Winner: Georgia Oboh. Runner-up: Michelle Agbobu.
  • Positive Role model Award: Person who has had most positive affect on young people through their lives.
    Winner: Naphabeon Henry. Runner-up: Lovitia Hamilton.
  • Turn Around Award: Individual who has made greatest turnaround in attitude/behaviour to benefit his/her community.
    Winner: Michael Dunn. Runner-up: Jordan Jobson.
  • Peace Activist Award: Person or group who have made a difference through campaigning for peace and justice.
    Winner: Nigel Papworth.
  • Manchester Peace Award: Individual who has made the most outstanding contribution to their community.
    Winner: James Gregory.

If you are interested in sponsoring an award at the 2012 OSBAs or sponsoring or hosting the event, please contact CARISMA.