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‘OSBA’ stands for ‘Outstanding Social Behaviour Awards’. We decided there should be a positive reward for good behaviour, not just a punishment for bad, such as the ASBO. People who are doing good things in and for the community or who have turned their lives around should have the chance to be recognised and applauded. If you agree and would like to support us, please get in touch.

The 2012 OSBAs took place on Saturday, March 3rd at the Place Hotel, Piccadilly.

Photos of the 2012 OSBAs Dinner and Presentation can be viewed here.

UPDATE: As a result of the decision to make PeaceWeek 2012 the last one for the time being due to the big drop in gun crime in recent years, there will be no OSBAs for spring 2013. In place of PeaceWeek, Carisma is organising 'Peace on the Street', a day seminar reflecting on 10 years experience of PeaceWeek and other peace-building activity. The future of the OSBAs is undecided, but any announcements will be made here. If you have any views or thoughts on this, please contact the Carisma Office.