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Carisma to close

23 January 2015: The Trustees of Carisma have made the decision to close the charity with effect from the end of March. The main reason for this is that the problem of gun crime that led to the founding of Carisma in 2002 has decreased significantly in recent years. Charities are formed in response to issues and should be working towards their own demise, so this should be seen as a success and cause for celebration! However, we recognise there is still work to be done 'inspiring communities' and it is proposed that a new organisation will be set up around the ongoing work of Erinma Bell and others that better reflects the changed context. Read the full statement here.

Carisma AGM 2014

Carisma's Annual Meeting for 2014 took place on Thursday January 15th at Beaumont House, 455 Chester Road, Old Trafford, Manchester.

A report on the activities of the last year was given by Erinma Bell (CEO). These included Healing of Memories, Guns into Goods,'Out of Africa' video interviews*, a free community screening of 'Black Nativity', the Challenging Hate Forum and much more.

Reports were also given by Mike Evans (Chair) and Rob Jones (Treasurer). A discussion followed looking at plans and options for the year ahead at what the Trustees felt is an important crossroads in the life of the charity. The crucial role of community groups such as Carisma in the marked decline in gang violence in recent years has been widely recognised. This success however has meant the context we work in is now very different. Though there are still issues to be dealt with, they are of a lower profile and attract less attention from the media, politicians, funders and even within the community itself. Several options have been considered as we search for the best way forward to continue to enable the inspiring work of Erinma Bell and others in the community. A public statement will be made shortly.

Please send an email if you were not at the Annual Meeting and would like copies of the Annual Report (incorporating the CEO and Chair reports) and the Statement of Accounts.

* A DVD of these interviews with seven elders is available. Email for more details.

bookHealing of Memories

For Hate Crime Awareness Week in January 2014, Carisma CEO Erinma Bell led a series of discussions coming out of the book Redeeming Our Past, written by Father Michael Lapsley. Fr. Lapsley's account of his experienceswas used as a tool to engage people in their memories as a form of sharing and healing. This was the first implementation of an idea which came out of group work done at our AGM on healing of memories, where people would talk about their fears, hurt, pain or grienviances which they had and which they felt were being caused by another.

The Revd Rogers Govender, Dean of Manchester Cathedral and a friend of Fr Lapsley, attended one of the sessions, and we are hoping to partner with the Cathedral to bring him to Manchester at some point in the future as the next stage of 'Healing of Memories'.

food'Food brings Communities Together'

On January 21, 2014, Carisma took part in a food tasting event for Hate Crime Awareness Week called 'Food Brings Communties Together'. People from different cultures came together to speak about, demonstrate and share food from from their countries of origin. Hosted by the Challenging Hate Forum at the 'Cathedral-on-the-Street', the event included contributions from Asian, African, Caribbean, Jewish, Polish and English cuisine. Carisma's Erinma Bell and her friend Mercy cooked a Nigerian fish-dish.

The Challenging Hate Forum meets monthly at Manchester Cathedral.




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