Community Alliance for Renewal, Inner South Manchester Area

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Mothers Against Violence - A Manchester organisation that aims to support grieving parents, connect with youth and engage with the politicians on the issue of gang violence in our city. Led by Patsy McKie. Read her story here...

Fathers Against Violence - Empowering the fathers of today, to inspire the fathers of tomorrow.

- Director: Les Isaac. Encouraging churches and communities to defeat gun crime in British cities.

Street Pastors - A local Church response to urban problems, engaging with young people on the streets to listen and care.

Operation Restoration - a school teaching literacy and building self-esteem in young people in Trench Town Jamaica.

The Peace Alliance - 'Communities working in partnership for peace' in Haringey and other boroughs of London.

- Initiate and Mediate Participation of All Communities To Combat Gun & Violent Crime Together. A similar organisation to CARISMA working in Hammersmith, London.

Mothers Against Guns - Currently campaiging for the wholesale ban of replica weapons. Sign the petition here...

Gun Control Network - Campaigning for tighter controls on guns, both real and imitation.

Counselling Directory - Connecting you with professional support.