Community Alliance for Renewal, Inner South Manchester Area

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Life-Chances for Young People in the Community

The areas of Moss Side and Longsight and other parts of inner-south Manchester have become known in the last few years for drugs, gangs and street violence. Many young lives have been wasted - it's time to 'take back our community'.

CARISMA is a locally-based organisation set up in November 2002 to...

    link together existing groups working in the community so we can speak with one voice to Government, Council, media and funders, so that...

    viable alternatives can be found for young people being drawn into street crime.

The statement of purpose for Carisma is: "life-chances for young people in the community". This would include not just young people directly but also families, the wider community, schools, employers - anyone who could positively affect young people, this generation and the next. We would also have a concern for the health and growth of the wider community in itself as a well-functioning community will provide a more positive and supportive environment for young people to grow up in.

It would also include issues such as under-achievement in education, discrimination in education and employment, perception of young people in the community, role-models, parenting, health issues - anything that can contribute towards creating 'life-chances' that are viable and attractive alternatives to what draws them to the gangs and street crime.

We recognise there is a lot of great work going on already towards these ends - voluntary and statutory, small and large groups and projects. We would want to

  • link all these groups together so everyone knows what is available.
  • find out what local people's needs are and ensure they are accessing existing provision.
  • increase the capacity of existing provision, and where there may be gaps, see new initiatives begun.

Through strategic events we hope to raise awareness of the need to invest in our young people that they might achieve their God-given potential, and to say how valued and gifted they are.

An important part of our work is meeting with and involving young people so that their views inform all that we do.

History of Carisma

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