Community Alliance for Renewal, Inner South Manchester Area

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CARISMA ceased to operate on 31st March 2015

The decision to close was made by the charity's trustees at the Annual Meeting in January. Charities are formed in response to issues and should be working towards the resolution of those issues and therefore their own demise. The issue of gun crime that led to the founding of Carisma in 2002 has decreased significantly in recent years due to a number of factors and we hope Carisma has played some part in that.

While this closure should be seen as a success and cause for celebration, we recognise there is still much to be done by way of 'inspiring communities' which should reflect the changed context. So we wish to commend the ongoing work of Erinma Bell and others in the community as it finds a new base of operation merging with Chrysalis Manchester as the CARISMA Peace and Conflict Resolution Project.

Read the full statement from the trustees here.

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